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Book Announcement

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book. Available here:

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The exquisite beauty of patriarchy

Last Sunday, on a beautiful July morning, I was in my local park enjoying a coffee and watching the world go by. At the next table there was a couple, a man and wife, who looked to be in their mid 30s, and they had their children with them. One of them, a little girl about seven or eight, who had been sitting with her parents enjoying a soft drink said, ‘Daddy, may I go and play on the swings please?’

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What is wrong with feminism? Lucy Holmes believes not much

This week, I watched a YouTube video of the official trailer of a forthcoming documentary entitled The Trouble With The F-word. In it, Lucy Holmes, founder of the ‘No More Page 3′ campaign, says ‘I believe in equality of the sexes. Women should have the same rights as men. Not more rights, but equal rights, and there’s a word for what I believe in – it’s Feminism’. Well, no, I’m sorry. Lucy Holmes’s assertions are laudable, but her prescription for bringing them about is deeply flawed, and that suggests to me that she doesn’t understand what feminism really is. Continue reading


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Men fighting back against feminism? Not likely!

In a blog post entitled ‘Men should stand up to feminists, not turn their backs on womankind‘, published  on Conservative Woman on 21st April, Kathy Gyngell advocates for men to fight back against feminism. She is wrong. Her analysis is good, although second hand and little more than a repetition of already well-rehearsed arguments, but she completely misunderstands the nature of the problem. Her view is over simplistic and I even would go so far as to say it is a typically female response to what is now undoubtedly a very serious threat we are all facing from feminism. Continue reading


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A looming political crisis for Britain: could this be a crunch time for feminism?

If you look closely at David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, the leaders of the three traditional political parties in Britain (and supposedly representatives of three differing ideologies) you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between them. They are all men of the same age, the same social background – and all of them live and breathe feminism, with all its incontrovertibly Marxist credentials. Even for conservative David Cameron, feminism takes precedence over his party’s traditional political imperatives, which are inimical to Marxism and indeed all socialist political principles.

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Marriage really is finished: it’s over

It is a powerful, natural, joy-filled, very human desire for a man to want to marry. The pride he feels walking out of a church or registry office with his new wife on his arm gives him a sense of completeness, of hope – of new beginnings. He is striking out in life, starting his own new family unit, taking on responsibility for his wife and their future children – the fruit of their union.

However, all that is now finished.  It’s over. In the age of feminism, marriage is no longer the ‘honourable estate’ it once was.

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Some rules feminists don’t seem to understand

In China in 2013, 125 boys were born for every 100 girls. By 2020, the predictions are that there will be 24 million men more than women. This is the result of a combination of historical communist state control over the number of children allowed to families, and the fact that mothers have been selectively aborting girls who, in the Chinese culture, traditionally have had lower economic value to their families than boys.

The social effect of this is fascinating in the context of what feminism is doing to our society in the west.

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