David Cameron: feminist lackey

This week, David Cameron announced he would ‘put a female minister in every department’. Well! what kind of a show is this?

Cameron is a feminist lackey. He is desperately afraid of being kicked out by the Tory powers behind the scenes and he is desperately trying to garner the women’s vote from the Labour Party, which is the real power-base of feminism, whilst failing to see the need to put clear blue water between him and the whole shebang.

Even conservative women like Kathy Gynell are speaking out publicly now about this.

Cameron is already struggling over the Europe business and the powerful euroskeptic element in the Tories, afraid of what Nigel Farage is doing, splitting the vote, will oust him. Who knows, it might be the introduction of widespread women (you know what I mean?) that will be the trigger. And if he goes for all-women candidate shortlists, well, I think that will be his political death knell.

The knives are already being sharpened in the Tory party for when he fails to get an overall majority next year, or even presides over an election defeat. Theresa May seems to have messed it up somewhat recently, but her antics this last week or two are evidence of a stalking horse emerging, and more challenges to Cameron. Then there’s Boris, lurking in the wings, sharpening his knife, ready for the coup.

Margaret Thatcher must be turning in her grave. What did she say? ‘The feminists hate me don’t they? I don’t blame them for I hate them. It is poison.’ She knew the danger feminism represented, and her legacy still lives on in the corridors of power in the Tory party.

Ah, the time when the Tories really were Tory and the electorate had a real choice – halcyon days…

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