Men live in fear of teenage girls flirting with them

An article in The Guardian today by Martin Daubney points to why men are not entering the teaching profession and casts light on the current dysfunctional societal culture in which we now have to live. ‘Teacher trolling’ apparently is now a national pastime and some pubescent girls see capturing incriminating photos of ‘pervy’ male teachers as a sport.

Martin rightly points out that that cat is out of the bag, but he only hints at the elephant in the room – feminism, as the cause of all of this.

Feminism, that inherently man-hating, divisive, hate filled ideology, with its false narratives about the ‘crime’ of objectification of women (a particularly stupid concept – do women not objectify men then? Sexually I mean?), the evil of ‘the patriarchy’ (and be in no doubt, the current witch hunt against old men for things that happened decades ago is the outworking of this evil doctrine), and what this has spawned in our girl children today, who are being socially conditioned into entitlement and victimhood – as in a girl is entitled to overweening, unquestioning respect because girls can do no wrong and its all boys’ fault, and the indoctrination of young women into a belief in ‘girl power’.

Is there any wonder that men won’t enter the teaching profession? The next thing is men will eschew university (already around 70% of students are women) because of the rabid false rape culture that feminists are whipping up on our campuses that puts young men students at such serious risk of all of this foulness towards men and maleness.

The plain fact is that radical feminists are actively creating all-female spaces by making them toxic for men. ‘Thus the revolution is complete, sister!’ Women on top eh?

However, women in general are becoming seen as dangerous by men. Increasingly, worldwide, men are going their own way (it’s called MGTOW, and it’s happening in America now, big-style). Men are increasingly avoiding women like the plague. They’re refusing to marry, refusing to sire children, avoiding women’s spaces that are toxic to them, and spending the fruits of their labour – on themselves, finding a quality of life hitherto unavailable to men who shouldered the heavy burdens of a wife and children.

Society is becoming polarised gender-wise. Men and women are being driven apart by an upstart ideology – feminism, that, like Ebola, started in a small way back in the 1970s amongst a group of highly ideologically driven fruit-cake, mostly academic women who colonised our universities and the media, and now the highest echelons of political power, and spread and spread to infect just about every aspect of our society in the name of imprisoning liberation and unequal equality.

In future we will see men avoiding female dominated professions, female-owned companies, divorced women with other men’s children (divorce, of course, is most popular with women – women’s petitions for divorce are three times those of men on the back of the mantra ‘Get a life sister, if you’re not happy take the kids and ditch the man’).

This is the outworking of feminism: the elephant in our room. And they call it liberation.


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  • Shinobi Theninja

    Too bad not enough men are being polarized away from women really. There will always be the Useful Idiots amidst the useful idiots. Male feminists will continue the population in spite of it damaging their very existences in every manner possible. If every man raised his head and decided to oppose feminism it would collapse in a manner of days if not sooner.

    Nice to dream sometimes.

    • Kronk

      ” If every man raised his head and decided to oppose feminism it would collapse in a manner of days if not sooner”.
      Indeed it would but why men won’t get off their ass and make this happen is a question that EVERYONE refuses to answer or even address.
      “It’s just the way things are” is always the ridiculous, and cop-out response.

      • It is because boys/men are predominantly raised on (corrupted by) female values (entitlement, unaccountably, doubles standards), and they have gynocentrism beaten into them from a very early age, to a religious extent.

        If you criticize male dysfunction, you are celebrated as a hero.

        If you criticize female dysfunction, you are called a misogynist and told to think of your mother. As if some random b1tch who doesn’t give a damn if you live or die is equivalent to your mother, just because she’s a woman.

        • Kronk

          Indeed. Well said…

  • sputnik

    Came here from your article over at AVfM and bookmarked

    About MGTOW: yeah. And if we all do that, then the feminists win. The weirdo, hardcore, nutballs, that is. That’s what they’re fundamentally all about, without regard for the rather too obvious fact that, if men and women don’t get together a little bit, sometimes, over somethin’ erother, humanity ceases to be. The divisiveness of hate that “kills”— without— killing?

    Now, I fully recognize the necessity of MGTOW, and I support it, as a necessary mode of self-preservation. I, m’self, went thata way, some 20 years back, now, after an acrimonious divorce complete with relatively “mild” physical abuse; and after that, there was one final, nearly accidental, foray into romance, wherein I was treated like a disposable, single-use utensil. So I get it.

    But then they win. They win when they put an end to sexual enjoyment and family life. It’s as if, if they ain’t gettin’ any, ain’t nobody gettin’ any. (Ain’t nobody happy if Mama ain’t happy?)

    A thoroughly MGTOW existence has it’s advantages, but it has its disadvantages for most guys. I only went there ‘cuz I had to, under the circumstances, working two jobs to pay child support, and trying to be a responsible, responsive dad to my only kid. And then, I realized that the odds were turrible bad, in my “used-up” middle-age group of “rejects” and habitual “rejectors”.

    But I’m not interested in lettin’ ’em win any more than I’m interested in witnessing the economic upheavals of a dramatic decline in population levels. It’s a problem that nobody’s looking at, and it’s already starting to happen, population-bomb doomsayers like Paul Ehrlich to the contrary notwithstanding. He’s a fear-mongering, misinformation peddler.

    “What’s a (would-be) father to do?” (To paraphrase the old breakfast cereal commercial picturing a mother concerned about her family getting the nutritious breakfast that they need.)

    THAT’S the real question. After all, some of the most fulfilling moments of my life were moments which came about as a result of being a dad.

    And I think that there’s an article in that, Senor Purdy, I do. Just a thought.

    • Herbert Purdy

      Well said Sputnik. You’ve given me food for thought, thanks.

      And, I agree with everything you say. Nobody wins this class struggle: all lose; men, children – and women! (If they could but see it).

      This vicious Marxist ideology is intent on tearing us all apart – it is a divide-and-rule ideology for an elite class (of women, mainly, they really are intent on women replacing Patriarchy with their own version of it)

      Hasta luego mi amigo. Ver este espacio!

      • sputnik

        O, how I wish I knew how to do diacritical marks in comments. Without the proper accent in the word este, over one e or the other, it could be either a form of “to be” or the word “this”. I’m still larnin’, so I had to get it translated…

        Pleased to think so, Sahib!

        Here’s a fascinating stepping off point. It starts out a little sensationalist, but it gets better quickly. Parts 1 and 2.

        Other videos on the side may be interesting. And here’s a couple of websites where I started on the subject.

        The global birthrate peaked in 1963, above replacement rate, but—

        We know about Japan’s grasseaters. Even China (!) is down to about 1.1 per woman. (Ooops!) Look up birthrates for places around the world. The only part of the world where the birthrate remains significantly above the replacement rate is sub-Saharan Africa. Parts of Europe are below 1 kid per Mama goat! Russia peaked in 2005 and will be at 50% of that by 2045. Mexico went from about 7 per in the ’60s to replacement rate at present!