Men fighting back against feminism? Not likely!

In a blog post entitled ‘Men should stand up to feminists, not turn their backs on womankind‘, published  on Conservative Woman on 21st April, Kathy Gyngell advocates for men to fight back against feminism. She is wrong. Her analysis is good, although second hand and little more than a repetition of already well-rehearsed arguments, but she completely misunderstands the nature of the problem. Her view is over simplistic and I even would go so far as to say it is a typically female response to what is now undoubtedly a very serious threat we are all facing from feminism.

Put in a nutshell, feminism is the politicisation of gender. For almost five decades, since women’s so-called liberation started its crusade, a small but influential élite (and now a powerful one, because they have colonised our political system, which is why we have a major political crisis looming in the general election) has been steadily turning women into a political class, convincing them that they are oppressed by another political class – men – and agitating for an uprising, which has happened.

Women have become combative and competitive. They want to be able to do all that men do, just to prove they are at least as good as men (Like who cares? Only women). They invade men’s social spaces just because they can, leaving nowhere for men to be just men. At the same time, they demand their own segregated social space, and they are demanding, selfish, strident, attacking, rude, denigrating of men and maleness.

Put simply, women are on a political rampage through society, kicking over the tables, pushing men around and provoking them to fight back, which is what feminism wants. It wants social upheaval, because that will achieve what it has always wanted – a broken society which it can then reconstruct so that women have the social power whilst men are simply the workers who make it all happen.

Franky, Kathy Gyngell’s argument that men should fight back is just going to play right into the hands of the feminists. Except for it being uncomfortably close to yet another feminist’s male taunt to ‘Man up’, it shows yet again how women today really just do not understand men because they have disconnected themselves so much from mens’ rationality, responsibility, and wisdom.

Men are becoming heartily sick of the calumnies women heap on them daily. They are not wife beaters, rapists, or boardroom hogs, and so they are responding in the only way possible – contempt. Men cannot fight back against women. They are programmed to turn away from aggressive women, giving the cold shoulder, giving ground, and refusing to fight. If men fought back, there would be blood on the ground, and it wouldn’t be theirs.

Across the world men are doing the only rational thing they can. They are ‘going their own way’ (called MGTOW in the US), just switching off and getting on with their male-focussed lives, enjoying the fruit of their labour, free from the responsibility of wives and children – and who can blame them when those responsibilities are now so full of pain with no gain?

In Japan, we are seeing the asexual ‘grass eaters’ or ‘ojo men’, and these are just the visible manifestations of what will become a mass response of men. Men are acting rationally not hot-headedly to what has become an unstoppable force and if women don’t let up, men will just disengage completely in a mass denial of service from a society, which socially, institutionally, and culturally is moving rapidly to a form of gender apartheid and being divided along the fault line of gender.

This is what Ayn Rand, the Russian-American émigré, pointed towards in her massively popular novel Atlas Shrugged, published in the 1950s. In it, she describes a time when the wealth creators withdraw from a society in which creeping socialism (which is what feminism is) increasingly saps them and diminishes them, and this describes precisely what is happening today under feminism. In her novel, she has John Galt, the fictional leader of the strike say this:

… our strike consists, not of making demands, but of granting them. We are evil, according to your morality. We have chosen not to harm you any longer. We are useless, according to your economics. We have chosen not to exploit you any longer. We are dangerous and to be shackled, according to your politics. We have chosen not to endanger you, nor to wear the shackles any longer. We are only an illusion, according to your philosophy. We have chosen not to blind you any longer and have left you free to face reality the reality you wanted, the world as you see it now, a world without mind…We have granted you everything you demanded of us, we who had always been the givers, but have only now understood it. We have no demands to present to you, no terms to bargain about, no compromise to reach. You have nothing to offer us. We do not need you.

Women need to wake up to the pup feminism has sold them. They need to get off their flimsy female built high horses and wake up to the stark reality that nothing in society happens in a vacuum. What goes around comes around. One group cannot demand rights at the expense of others and carry on regardless, expecting no consequences or reaction.

The only way this problem, which will knock on for generations yet, will be solved is for women to re-covenant with men and with society in their rôle as mothers and wives: the co-creators of stability in life-long relationships in which they are the primary curators of the next generation: the creators of social capital, not solely economic capital.

Women started this stupid assault on men, and they are going to have to end it. Men fighting back is not the answer. Men and women are not political parties vying for social power. They are human beings who should be engaged in a joint effort to build a society for everyone’s happiness: a society that is at peace with itself, not constantly engaged in internecine struggle. One in which men can trust women again, and women can live happily with men again, bringing their own children up to be successful future citizens. That is the hard-won pinnacle that men and women had reached until the wrecking ball of feminism came along.


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  • William Collins

    I found reading the comments on this TCW post interesting – by far the most negative set of comments to a post on TCW I’ve yet seen. TCW is traditionalist, whereas the MRM has woken up to the gynocentrism inherent in the traditional as well as the feminist. Hence the conflict. I found myself very heartened by the comments. The message that “we don’t get fooled again” has really got across. That’s not to say a “re-covenant” is not possible. I hope it is. But neither feminist nor traditionalist terms will be acceptable.

    • Luke

      Yes but at least there are benefits for men in traditionalism. We’re not completely forgotten and despised. The feminist utopia would have the “evil rapist” that is man living like pigs, only used for reproduction or hard labor. Seriously. There is a blog detailing what feminists want in the end and men are treated worse than cattle.

      • CitymanMichael

        Luke, I’m not sure that men have ever had benefits in traditional life – sure, they had loads of respect, unlike today, but in work & war they suffered.

        • Luke

          That’s life. That’s adulthood. That’s why we’re supposed to relish our childhood. Being an adult means giving and sacrificing and being responsible for those less capable. That’s what feminists don’t get. They’re not fighting men. They’re fighting adulthood.

  • AvoidDeception

    The gynocracy isn’t going to give up their privileges over men – so hypothesizing about a future in which men and women work together again is a waste of time. The 1950s are gone for good.

    Just like most people stood by during the Nazi destruction of the Jews and during the KKK destruction of blacks, those that benefit from the denigration and destruction of men will sit idly by. They will not act in any meaningful way until it becomes abundantly clear that the destruction of men offers little in return. Until then – you’re only going to get lip service. I’m not talking about just the feminists here. I’m talking about most women and also the cowardly, naive white knights that kowtow to women to remain in power.

    I know that this will never happen, but there needs to be a men’s studies course in high school and college. “The Manipulated Man”, “The Myth of Male Power” and “Stand By Your Manhood” are three books with which every young adult male should be exposed.

    Men need to understand that the destruction of the patriarchy – the primary feminist goal – means to destroy men and the transfer of their power and wealth to women through force of law. This destruction isn’t a game. It’s real – and women are out for blood. This redistribution of wealth has been going on for several decades and has been monumentally successful for women – leaving hundreds of thousands of men dead from financial annihilation and suicide.

    While women were busy being taught how to dominate and control men by feminists, boys were left unschooled in how men have been brutalized by women over the past several decades. Young men need to be taught that women are not their friends and are instead their competitors and adversaries – even within marriage. Mothers – rather than teaching their sons the supposed joys of marriage – should introduce their sons to the all too common, total life destruction men undergo through divorce. As that doesn’t serve the gynocracy – that will never happen. Boys will continue to be sent out naive in the ways of women. Why? Because boys and men are disposable; hence male-only selective service.

    Feminists own the colleges now. The reason they’re going after the fraternities is because being a member of a frat – especially the Greek frats – means you have a huge advantage in life. Feminists don’t like that – so they’re trying to either destroy the frats or force them to be co-ed. It’s all about destroying the patriarchy and transferring men’s power and wealth to women. They will win.

    The Rolling Stone piece didn’t have anything to do with rape. It’s all about money, power and control – and the Greek frats have lots of it. Because of this – feminists will do everything in their power to destroy them. The Rolling Stone debacle was a laser guided attack against Greek frats to force their closure or force them to become co-ed.

    Feminists control all of academia now and actively discriminate against men and boys. Boys are having a tough time in school because the girls are favored by their feminist teachers and the boys are denigrated for being male. You’d think the feminists would want all girl schools. Know why they don’t? That’s easy. Because they can’t run the men’s schools if they’re all male. Having co-ed everything ensures they can use false rape, sexual assault and harassment to get rid of all the male management and teachers. This is why fewer and fewer men become teachers and why many quit the profession. Feminists do want female only STEM classes however. They already have many and will get more and more.

    “Yes Means Yes” has nothing to do with rape. It’s all about the redistribution of men’s power and wealth to women. It’s literally legalized blackmail and extortion through use of fear and/or false accusations. This is the real “rape culture”. This is the gynocracy’s method of choice in redistributing men’s wealth and power to themselves.

    Lest we forget – it was the white knights of the patriarchy that brought “Yes Means Yes” into being. Obama himself spearheaded this particular destruction of college men. All legislation that discriminates against men in favor of women was put in place my powerful male leaders at the behest of the gynocracy. Why? For purposes of garnering votes from women to remain in power. These men gladly threw the majority of men under the bus to maintain the favor of the gynocracy – leaving a path of destroyed men in their wake.

    If I had a son – I’d tell him to never get married nor cohabit with a woman and to avoid unrecorded intimate encounters with women like the plague. If I had a daughter – I’d tell her to do whatever she wanted.

    • Kronk

      I could not agree more with everything you said EXCEPT that I would teach my daughter that she IS NOT a pampered- princess and that she should NOT be allow to take advantage of men simply because of her vagina. This madness was started by females, females will be the ones who have to end it simply because men are too stupid or lazy to get their ass of the couch and take back their rights that have been forcefully stolen by ANY FORCE NECESSARY!
      The entire society will crumble if they continue to be lazy, weak pink-poodle manginas.

    • Ryan Brewer

      Excellent comment! I have four younger brothers and the books you mentioned,are amongst a number of books I’ve introduced them to. I even got my dad on board. They’re not MGTOW,but they won’t be deceived by women,unless the ignore the truth….

    • Luke

      I’m glad someone out there can see the value of the nuclear family and how society is being crippled by the misandry that feminists create and maintain.

  • Well written and thought out analysis Herbert. Your line, “If men fought back, there would be blood on the ground, and it wouldn’t be theirs.”, is very fortuitous. The shrill shrieking of feminism has gotten a mostly free ride for so long due to the charitable nature of the majority of men. Let the ladies vent off with their feminism, marches, and whatever they like. It is fast coming to an end and the sooner the better. Their enablers, the white knights and sjw’s are too physically weak to defend these witches from men once we have licked our wounds……

  • CitymanMichael

    A re-covenant of previous values will probably not happen. Times have changed and will not return to what was. What will happen is that this gender war will have to stop its intensity because the damage to society is worsening and as sure as the crash of 2006 happened due to excessive borrowing the constant ramping up of the gender war by feminists will have the same effect. A crash in society will happen. When women realise that they are the ones who have lost most they will re-negotiate rather than re-covenant. What that will be – we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • wordsIVue

      Let’s hope they renegotiate, and haven’t taken over society to the extent of just imposing their terms.

      • CitymanMichael

        There is evidence now that ordinary women are starting to turn against feminism, and I believe that when women start the fight, it is feminism which they will be fighting. Today in the west around 17% of women identify as feminists and more women are becoming MRAs. As more husbands, sons, grandsons, fathers, brothers become casualties of feminism more women shall have their eyes opened to the sourge of feminism. That day is not a million years away.

        • wordsIVue

          True. I should have clarified I was talking about feminists taking over, not women. But feminists taking over will almost inevitably mean female superiority, so in effect women would still be imposing terms. I agree that feminism is losing popular support, but feminism has infiltrated almost all centres of power and influence – government, media, academia, the professions, … – and could hold off a popular challenge by sheer authoritarian force and propoganda. Among the populace too the commitment to egalitarianism is unclear as yet. Not many women have shown a willingness to give up their privileges and not many men the integrity or courage to give up their white knighting habits. So the outcome of all this social churn is far from a given. Anyway, this is the background to my comment. I am not denying the validity of what you said, I was just mentioning that there are other possibilities.

          P.S. Please see my other comment above for further elucidation of my views.

          • larry

            As far as feminism in the workplace, as a male I am so glad that I was at the age to retire. Toward the end of my career at my Federal agency, the majority of employees were female. That occurred through institutional discrimation against any male applicants. Out of 100 employees on floor above me only two were male. The women became loud and agressive and bullying. Got so bad that the Department split the bureau up and transferred the duties to other areas of the country.

        • larry

          Check out on Youtube “In Defense of Men, What’s Left of Them-Present Day Feminism”. This young woman is superb. Amazing her depth of thought and analysis. When in high school she got attacked for expressing her views.

        • kartashok

          Women fighting against feminism and becoming MRAs is just awfully cute and a return to traditionalism. We MGTOWs will not fall for it. We use women for intercourse and discard them. Feminism actually FREED us from a woman’s hypergamous instincts and from gynocentric society in general. The return of traditionalism is just a return to another form of gynocentrism, which leads to more female entitlement and feminism again. This is female nature.

    • Luke

      It’s not going to change back? Are you kidding me? As soon as society collapses, women will have to struggle to survive again. Within hours of this happening, I imagine the majority of women out there will be begging to come back to men for the comfort and security of the nuclear family again.

  • wordsIVue

    A good article for the most part, but I think the analogy of men with Galtist producers and women as dependents is outdated. With technology, women in principle can run society and be productive without relying on men. Even if psychological factors impede, they can be overcome with time and training. Indeed, that’s what we find happening right now, with boys being shunted out of schools and colleges and girls being shunted into STEM fields and board rooms. If the feminist plan succeeds, within a couple of generations our current assumptions of men keeping the world turning could be flipped on its head.

    No, I don’t think we can rely on MGTOW alone to win the war, though it can make a powerful assault at present. The war, in fact, is turning into the same old one of rulers vs. ruled. It is the masses who are suffering from the chaos wrought by feminism and who are waking up to feminism’s true nature. The elites still have their bread buttered on feminism’s side and have no intention of changing anything. The logical result is a feminist ruling class stomping down a non-feminist or anti-feminist peasantry, with “equality” and “protecting women” as one of their self-justifications. The further along this curve society goes, the more inevitable a violent upheaval becomes as the only possible resolution. The only alternative is that people wake up in time in sufficient number to force a change even against the might of all the powerful vested interests and atavistic human instincts that feminism has on its side.

  • Slowcoach

    This is why I coined the term ” Femarxism “, and further observe that always your enemy will come at you in disguise.
    It must be realised that this is part and parcel of the assault and once it has been generally noticed, the attack has already been going on for a long time.
    Using terms like ‘attack’, puts one in mind of things like armies and soldiers and so on. So where does cultural Marxism get it’s army?
    Why, us, of course – manipulated into turning on each other to destroy the old ( in this case, relative democracy ) and replace it with the new, ( in this case 1984 esque dictatorship in in which everything has been politcised ).
    As usual, Herbert’s item reverberates with the sound of nails being hit squarely on the head.

    • larry

      Haha! True! Refreshing to read articles where the false face of feminism is pulled off.

  • Vanir

    There can be no end to feminism as long as giving it up means women subjugating themselves. As long as men thinks the natural, proper and default role of women is to serve them and the family which they are the head of – feminism NEEDS to keep happening.

    As long as men think women should serve them and be dependent on them, there will of course be feminism. Just as there will be resistance any place where one group wants to turn another into 2. class citizens.

    So keep it up feminists, there is still only servitude and subjugation waiting for women if you give up the fight. This blog can attest to that.

    • Cheri Greenway

      Not all men are like that…….

      (Which sounds eerily like, ‘Not all feminists are like that…….’)
      You’re outshouting the opposition and not actually addressing the point herein.

    • Kronk

      I noticed your post needs a little help. I will gladly help you out,

      There should be end to feminism because giving it up means saving the family unit As long as women think the natural, proper and default role of men is to serve them – MRA’s NEEDS to keep happening.

      As long as women think men should serve them and be dependent on them, there will of course be MRA’s. Just as there will be resistance any place where one group (feminism) wants to turn another into 2. class citizens.

      So keep it up MRA’s, there is still only servitude and subjugation waiting for men if you give up the fight.

      One example you deranged liar, just one example where a man has EVEN ONE advantage over a women but since that is impossible, anything you reply will be a further blatant lie.
      Bloody idiot! Why do we allow women to post here anyway?

      • Herbert Purdy

        Thanks for your opinions and your passion Kronk. Women are allowed to post here because I truly believe in free speech, as you do by expressing yourself so vividly. Women are always welcome to post here. Indeed, it is women, ordinary, decent, balanced women that is, who are very much in mind when I write. I believe they would do well to wake up to the crock feminists are selling them.

        Actually, it’s not so much women as feminists who I like to encourage to post here. Getting their ideas out into the open where they can be aired in the full glare of public scrutiny serves us well in exposing the extremism which feminism truly is. I believe the fight against bigotry can only be won by allowing feminists the fullest freedom to speak – which is their right – as it is ours. What they say, and how they say it speaks far more eloquently against their own case than I ever could.

        When we allow the feministas to expose the fullest extent of their intellect and erudition, we can present the counter-ideas intelligently and eloquently, and expose them for the bigots and sloppy thinkers they are. We can show to the world their stuck-in-the-groove, worn out mantras and normal, decent, human women that men’s thought leadership is as important as the feminists’ – probably more so. Men have a type of wisdom that women don’t possess, and it is valuable to women to heed it.

        Then, of course, who knows, even the messengers of this lying evil creed might one day be turned by the truth? We can but hope on that one though.

        • RDF

          Yes; and women have a type of wisdom men don’t possess. Men have skills women don’t, and vice versa. Makes for a pretty good balance naturally — one would hope that would be enough, wouldn’t one?

          But neither needs the other’s leadership – people are not meant to be sheep and should need no shepherd – what we need is balance and equality, as was once the goal.

          “The oak and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow…” Kahlil Gibran.

    • Joseph Pramas

      I would like to say that there is a big difference between equal rights and feminism. Equal rights means equal for everyone. There should be no “head” of the family if you are married, and no woman should serve man. It should be half and half.

      Now I hate to say this, and I know I am going to get some bad feedback for it but,
      I have seen many feminists turn the tables when they are in a bind and refuse to take responsibility. The excuse is “but I can’t be expected to do that, I am a girl”.

      Not all feminists are gross and obnoxious just like not all men are wife beaters and pigs.

      • Luke

        No head of the family? This is where modern feminists get it wrong. If there is no leader, it’s like two people butting heads while trying to steer the same car. Two people can’t be driving one car at the same time. It’s dangerous. If you butt heads with your partner too long, you run the risk of nothing actually happening.

        • MGTOW

          Exactly. And women make terrible leaders to boot. Leaders are to be selfless and command respect. Women are selfish and demand your blind servitude. All matriarchys collapse sooner than later, because women are irrational narcissists.

      • Tyler Doe

        Spoken like a true beta. Also someone of low intelligence, pointing out exceptions that prove rules. That’s what exceptions do. Oh, and humans speak in generalizations. Join us.

    • PotatoPower

      keep up the destruction , we don’t give a shit.

    • Walter Lawrence

      Do what you like….but if you interfere with my life, you will be very sorry.

    • Ronald Heatherington

      I’ll skin you ALIVE you FUCKING FEMINIST BITCH!

      • Dear Ronald. Whilst I sympathise with the anger many of us feel about what feminists say and do, I have decided not to pass your comment for publication, both to protect you and me from any legal consequences. I hope you understand? Please also understand that I welcome your contribution to my site. Best wishes, Herb

    • RDF

      And you just believe everything you’ve been told about the pre-feminist society, don’t you? SMH. Grow up kid!

      MOST people were happy, as were our families, homes and societies.

      Kindly do not EVER mistake feminism for equal rights!

  • Vanir

    Ps. And of course women want a world without patriarchy. Who wouldn’t want to put an end to their slave-masters? It’s simply not men’s place or right to rule women, no matter how much the male ego or reproductive urges want to.

    • Kronk

      And so, assuming you are correct about women being subjugated, which is a lie, and that you a liar, in its place, you would have men be ruled by females so they can exact their revenge on those evil men who gave them this cushy lifestyle?

      Lets look at it properly shal we?

      And of course men want a world without feminism. Who wouldn’t want to put an end to their slave-masters? It’s simply not women’s place or right to rule men, no matter how much the female ego or reproductive urges want to.

      Lady, you are seriously deranged and in need of deep, psychological counseling. Have you ever heard of the red pill? Get one. FAST!

    • ra232

      The feminist wants a world without men but with all the benefits men give them. You can’t have all the benefits of men and their work without men. You will find out the hard way what it is like to live without men.

    • Luke

      Slave – Masters? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you people ever stop to think that both men and women had an equal share of hardships and benefits to deal with in the patriarchy? Men were reduced to peaces of meat and used as pawns on battlefields. Women were reduced to sex objects and breeders. Men had the comfort and security of knowing that they could have any woman and that woman would be there to support him until his death. Women had the comfort and security of not actually having to kill themselves just to survive alone. And life before cars, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, etc was so hard on people that they lived an average lifespan of 50 to 60 years.

    • PotatoPower

      oh just LOOK at the effing entitlement.

    • Tyler Doe

      No patriarchy, no marriage, no kids, no divorce settlement. Just search “why aren’t there any good men?” and you will see these are things women want. Want and don’t want whatever you like…it takes two to tango and men are realizing they can have everything they want without dancing at all. We win!

  • NHLfarmteams

    A well written and well measured article. I am a 49 year old male, privileged and saddened by what has happened to our society. It saddens me that so many of the masses cannot see that feminism is not what it was sold as. Originally a laudable concept of equality of opportunity has become a equality of outcomes. Unfortunately a movement that I could once support has become nothing more than a totalitarian regime replete with censorship, radical fracturing and fascist fear tactics.
    What is most disheartening is that intelligent people who should be capable of discerning between what is healthy and what is poisonous seem to be turning a blind eye. This includes both men and women, celebrities and politicians. The fear of running afoul of the feminist mob is too terrifying.
    You are quite right that fighting back against feminism is a lost cause. Sadly despite the fact that many of the fundamental tenets of feminism have been thoroughly discredited it still marches on.
    The victim narrative has been a great money maker for feminists. It has created a multi-billion dollar funded industry. It requires considerable hype to keep it going hence we have social science surveys to support terms like “Rape Culture”. This supports man blaming and the cycle repeats.
    It will only stop when enough women wake up to the damage that this focus is doing to the men in their lives. Unfortunately at this point the feminist explanation is that men need to “man up” and many women are still listening.
    For those women that truly believe feminism is the true path, I suggest you visit Cuba sometime. It is a society where equality is imposed not earned. Ask the women there how they feel about the men in their country. I have and it’s not a pretty picture. Many men simply refuse to work or marry. They have several girlfriends but there is little incentive in traditional marriage. Sound familiar?

    • larry

      Sure does! See my post. Only recently become aware of all of this and it is quite an eye opener! Had no idea feminism is still wreaking havoc across the country.

  • larry

    Good article. True….99 percent of modern American women offer nothing to men except sex. But even sex is a minefield and fraught with dangers in that the women may have diseases and/or claim rape when no rape occured. Strange times.

    What I have noticed is that men are quietly reacting to feminist attacks over the past 50 years by not marrying and generally avoiding female entanglements. Average age of a man who DOES get married is 29. With that said, only about 28 percent of the American population is marrying.

    My young nephews are in their early 30s, have great jobs, have bought homes and have many hobbies. They are in no rush to get married and all of them have only dated a couple of American women. One of the American women dumped my one nephew who served twice in Iraq for “not being fast enough”. Another dumped my other nephew for coming on too strong. Didn’t phase them and my nephews continue to achieve and lead fulfilled lives. I am happy that they are decent guys with good heads on their shoulders.

    Unfortunately a step nephew married an American woman who he found out by reading an email she sent, a month after they were married that she was in love with another man. My brother-in-law got custody of him at 3 years old when the father discovered that the mother was turning tricks during the day when he was at work. She gave custody if my brother-in-law would pay off her 16000.00 in debt which he did.

    My step nephew stuck with his wife and has two young children and has gained 100 pounds. She has cut out her husband’s family and my nephew obliges. She had a mortgage on her home but they abandoned the property since she could not make the mortgage payments. Too bad my step nephew was not aware of the dangers of involvement with women these days.

  • pterodactyl

    ” because that will achieve what it has always wanted – a broken society which it can then reconstruct so that women have the social power whilst men are simply the workers who make it all happen.”

    Perhaps the motive for someone wired to be left-wing is the broken society, and that is an end in itself. There is no plan for reconstruction. The fact that left-wing men enthusiastically join them in their campaign shows it is more than a male-female struggle. Also, if it really were women power that they were after, as oppose to destruction of civilised societies, then they would stand up for the rights of Islamic women living in the West to not wear the veil. They do not. So they see Islam as another tool to destabalise the West, and this overshadows any urges they might have to empower the Islamic women. So the way they embrace Islam and ignore the plight of women under Islam suggests their motive is simply to attack the culture that left-wing men and women both hate – their own. Mass immigration is another way to weaken the society they hate, and they do not care how much women are oppressed in whatever replaces Western society. I am of the view that the sisters would be happy to be oppressed under Islam if that meant that Western society collapses. It is a price they would be happy to pay. Their hate of Western civilised society is their motive. This is why they can see no wrong in any other society as regards the oppression of women – only their own.

    I am not saying the woman who supports feminism to get favoritism when applying for a job wants society destroyed, but the political types who are the fanatics do, and they control the media and education. In this they are enthusiastically joined by left-wing/liberal men who have the same inner political urges to bring down the culture that they hate.

    PS HerbertPurdy – there is a current article you might want to comment on in the DT Education Section, Primary Education. This article has some links to other articles, and one of them was one that contained your comment as the top rated comment, about men being wary of teenage girls, and this is how I found your blog

  • pterodactyl

    “They are human beings who should be engaged in a joint effort to build a society for everyone’s happiness: a society that is at peace with itself, not constantly engaged in internecine struggle”

    Humans are programmed to struggle for power. Children try and get power over their parents. Men use strength, females use social groupings and talking – modern society favours the latter. They are acting on their instincts and modern society favours them, not because of any co-ordinated plan, but it is a natural process like when you shake a bucket the big stones go to the top – ie it is a natural phenomenon based on changing the rules. The rules of the past were based on life that was hard in terms of surviving and getting food, and physical activity (ploughing, defending land) was what lead to survival and success. When you change the rules of society so that strength and physical labour no longer count for anything in terms of leading to success and survival, and talk is all that matters to get on, this favours the talkers rather than the strong.

    • What utter tripe. “Humans are programmed to struggle for power”…Rubbish, they struggle for survival, happiness, procreation, food, shelter and the luxuries of life if they are lucky enough. No one is ‘programmed’ to struggle for power. Furthermore ‘social groupings and talking’ do not equate to a preponderance of stupidity and selfishness. Human nature is what we make it, those who believe it is inherently selfish ignore the symbiotic nature of men and women and our desire to have stability, families and the like. You are also wrong about physical strength not being a factor anymore. Machines aren’t in a place to take over just yet and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean there aren’t armies of men keeping society afloat – men who would much rather work for themselves than anyone else – and that is exactly what they are doing. You can talk all you want, litigate all you want – men will increasingly not support women, it’s not worth it.

    • Jimmy Jones

      There is a plan, destroy the family unit and Government is the Provider and Protector and never questioned. Men will fight for their family, no family no fight.

    • Tyler Doe

      And men regaining power by realizing there is nothing in it for them, and bowing out, is also a natural process. Oh, and that little thing called “war” that happens every so often that weak people like to believe we are done with. How will a nice, big, war alter things? Shall we let the talkers give it a go? lol. Silly, silly people.

  • Ryan Brewer

    Thanks for taking a crack at it! Feminism is bad and all,but no woman was forced to believe men have oppressed them,for centuries….women Want to believe it! Tradcon women are the same as feminist women….namely female. Women across every political and social spectrum,statistically,will either go to part time or quit their “career”,within 10 years.
    (The medical community can attest to this!) It’s All about extracting resources from Males,nothing more,nothing less. Women are the problem,not their petty ideologies!

  • NHLfarmteams

    Men don’t need to fight feminism per se but they do need to withdraw their support from any and all things that are sexist or gynocentric.

    This includes charities like breast cancer, domestic violence shelters and mass media and television. It also includes any company that advertises men as incompetent (we’ll all have to stop buying cars).

  • Fk Feminists

    I would support feminism, if they stop fking victimizing themselves and claim everything to be a sexist. I can’t stand them ignoring all the counter arguments and sit in their corner going: “Oh i’m the victim. Stop harassing me. Like, FK U.

  • ajit

    today majortiocracy where what would be law is decided by majority becomes law .It is fundamentally wrong .It is neither justiceocracy or democracy .Law has curtailed so much freedom today hardly any time in history .Productive and meritorious humans particulary men has to pay for others directly and indirectly via taxes etc. particularly for females.Men has to pay maintenance to wife without any legal right in return .Man has to pay for children without any right in return. feminism is based upon hypocrisy which says that on one hand demand equality on the other hand demand special rights claiming weak.

    • Not Sure

      “ majortiocracy where what would be law is decided by majority becomes law..”

      that is democracy … what you are thinking of is republic

      • ajit

        It is majortiocracy not democracy .It is wrongly termed as democracy .Republic is where head of govt. is chosen like in US or India.Taking decisions by majority is majortiocracy .And the we are feeded that it is democracy

        • Robert Jones

          You’re not connoting that correctly. “ocracy” is a suffix denoting ‘government by’ while “archy” is a suffix denoting ‘rulership of’.

          If you’re going to use majority with either/ or of the above suffixes, you drop the ‘t’ and the ‘y’. i.e.: majorocracy — as opposed to minorocracy: which would be a government by minorities….or in the former example: majorities.

          I find it hard that a minority-anything would be allowed to govern (unless you’re in Lilliput — at which the majority always remained cautious, till at least Gulliver is exiled).

          It would make more sense for a minority to be [somehow], successful in overthrowing a government at which point the correct connoted term would be “minorarchy”, which is a rulership by the minority.

          When feminism shouts off “patriarchy” they are saying that “reality” they live in, is a rulership by men.

          But this is hard pressed, considering in the post-postmodern world (at least in Western or developed western nations), minorities have more rights than the majority.. So the term “patriarchy” is erroneous/ incorrect. Especially considering 20% of this “patriarchy” is led by women, as of now in late 2015.

          Moreover, since I’m writing a lesson here, I mind as well shed my opinion of which that is, society is not either a patriarchy, nor a patriocracy, but a plutocratic matriarchy. i.e: Women have always had the final say in the evolution of our species…. offering almost next to nothing while enjoying instant-gratification, rather than planning or even consciously, seeking long-term improvements and or self-actualized personal prosperity.

          • Suraj

            Simply you are missing a point .You are calling the majortiocracy as per your version of majorocracy as democracy .Simply it is nowhere justice .I am not saying that rule or govt. of minority .But simply that 51% human should decide everything what is right for 100% is fundamentally wrong and not a democracy at all .Basically there is no difference in either rulership of or .Ultimately each word changes its meaning and capable of several meaning .

  • Mark Waltz

    Straight women have been invading gay men’s spaces for some time, and while certainly there are gay men who do bring their female friends in, this isn’t that case. These are loud groups of obnoxious women who as they get drunker get angry that they aren’t getting the attention which they feel that they are entitled to it. They demand to be noticed rather than command, and that defeats what the good side of feminism is all about. I have had commanding women employers who were great to work for, and I walked out on two jobs because of demanding insecure female bosses who claimed it was their way or the highway. I chose the later. But in the case of the straight females going into gay bars, they are not getting the type of attention they are demanding from straight men, so they are trying to manipulate gay men into friendships that will most likely end in disaster. My straight women friends are ladies, not females, know when it is time to pop in and when it is time to pop out. Just because the metrosexual straight men get grabbed quickly, don’t think you can convert a gay man by keeping him tied to your cast-iron corset by preventing them in finding male companionship which is what they really want.

  • D.Heinzelmann

    Why should we. If women want us, then they need to make us great offers, bow to us, beg us, etc … simply offer us really good deals.
    Otherwise : screw them. They are lazy useless parasites and mentally as well as humanely massively underdeveloped creatures anyway, as everybody who has eyes and ears can whitness everyday and everywhere anyway. Their ONLY use is for sex and right that they made impossible for men. So screw them. Lets establish a gender-seperated society and then watch them fail horribly and let them crawl to our feets and beg for help. and then MAYBE we might help … for if they pay us enough, are decent and look great

    • PotatoPower

      beautifully said

    • RDF

      So much for Meninists being a myth.

      But just in case you don’t get it, allow me to quote you, changing only the pronoun…

      “Why should we. If men want us, then they need to make us great offers, bow to us, beg us, etc … simply offer us really good deals.
      Otherwise : screw them. They are lazy useless parasites and mentally as well as humanely massively underdeveloped creatures anyway, as everybody who has eyes and ears can whitness everyday and everywhere anyway. Their ONLY use is for sex and right that they made impossible for women. So screw them. Lets establish a gender-seperated society and then watch them fail horribly and let them crawl to our feets and beg for help. and then MAYBE we might help … for if they pay us enough, are decent and look great.”

  • accorn

    MGTOW is about men rejecting female social priorities and about men defining for themselves what they want out of life.. which pretty much means the end of marriage for most of them since it’s basically a structure that only benefits women.

  • accorn

    Marriage is primarily a tool that a women uses to find a “good provider” and lock them into a lifetime contract.
    MGTOW is rejecting those female priorities and freeing men to be themselves for themselves.. not beholden to the wants of women and not defining themselves as the limited role of “provider”.
    Young men have been reprogrammed to see marriage for what it is.. and most of them are smartly rejecting it once they see reality. (aka the red pill)

  • John

    If a man really hates women (and many today do) he should support feminism. Because nothing is destroying women’s happiness more than feminism. Women are starting to figure that out, but it’s too late.

    • Gmack

      i’ll never support feminisms but I’m happy to watch feminisms destroy women’s lives

    • Tyler Doe

      It’s true. Feminism set men free. Those that are smart enough to realize it. I’m going my own way, but I am definitely going to grab a large popcorn and watch the female pitty-party that is just starting!

  • Gmack

    women can never be trusted. just go MGTOW brothers. western world hates us men. MGTOW FOREVER, FOREVER MGTOW

  • Scott B

    Mgtow is the first step to regain control. If enough men get together we can just take it back, by force if necessary. Women’s “equality” is a facade that we, as men, allow them to have. If men wanted to they could take away womens right to vote. They could strip all rights away from women and throw them all in camps where their sole purpose would be to make babies. I’m not saying we want that world but understand we have the strength to do it. By nature we are meant to protect women but, that can change. All we ask is to be treated fairly. Realize that men can physically hurt you and give us some credit that we resist. Realize, we (men) built this world and every convenience and technological advance in it. And realize if we turn our back on you, your life will be miserable. Give men some goddamn respect.

    • itsthepatriarchy

      If enough western men go MGTOW, then Islam will be there to take their place… maybe that was the ‘intention’ all along.

      • Scott B

        Women will run kicking and screaming from Islam. There is no ulterior motive or conspiracy. This is a simple equation. Feminism forced the notion that women don’t need men and men are less than women. What they don’t realize is in doing this men were freed from the constraints of “women’s needs”, I’ll be honest, Id never go back to a system where I had to provide for a woman. I love the fact that they have to make it on their own. Women have to make a choice not if they need a man in there life but if they want one. And if they want a man in their life then they need to make it worth while for us. Right now there is no benefit to commit to one woman.

        • Guy

          Please, we as men need to be united. Trust me you dont know how good women are starting to get it in the east and ME.

          • Scott B

            United in what way?

          • Guy

            Men don’t side other men and make it easy for women to alienate us and this lets them control us, such as whit knighting etc. Men shouldnt just jump to the aid of women. If their utility must be earned then out utility should be earned as well.

      • Guy

        My word, you dont know how powerful feminism is do you? Its invaded all of that. You should see what muslim women get in courts. Also look at india and 498a. Theres a knew law stating that within 2 days a woman can divorce you and take at least 50%of your property.
        Heck the only thing the west middle east and east are competing on is pussy-whipping men

        • itsthepatriarchy

          I meant in the west, men will marry the (western) women, and if/when the western divorce courts go against them, they grab the children, one way ticket to Dubai… and…. its over. Once muslim men go back to the gulf/pakistan/afghanistan… they are out of reach. They won;t be extradited… And they won’t leave behind any assets, since they were living in government sponsored housing anyway.

    • RDF

      Yep! And it’s just as well women were taking care of men’s every need; carrying, birthing, raising and teaching the next generation, keeping your houses, and feeding and clothing you, while you “built this world and every convenience and technological advance in it”.

      You don’t actually believe that men did it without an enormous – and very equal – amount of help and support from women, do you?! :

      If so, you’re delusional. And as for the rest of your comments and apparent inclination to violent enslavement, that is precisely why women’s lib was needed. You call that strength, okay – physical strength is a man’s best asset – but be aware that women got the lion’s share of the intelligence in our species, as they are proving now that opportunities are equal; so go ahead and try it … take away your women’s right to vote and watch what happens, from women *and* most men; as for your ideas of a Plutonian baby-factory, any woman can either prevent or abort those babies with kitchen herbs and spices if she so chooses, and most men will help them for exactly the same reason that most women will help their men, so your ideas of the violent reproductive-enslavement of the women in your society will rapidly amount to nothing … while the rest of the normal people in the world continue to marry and breed normally.

      Some would say all women asked was to be treated fairly. And others would say that when *some* men couldn’t handle it, *some* women went their own way… And as for whichever woman screwed you over, maybe she thought you deserved it — I obviously couldn’t say, but I don’t suppose it occurred to you to ask her ‘why’, did it? It is a very rare woman who will do that to a good man who treats her right — as the 50% who don’t divorce clearly show. You MGTOWs are no different to the Feminists — you’re all just professional victims, who waste the bandwidth of grown-ups who are actually concerned with everyone’s equal rights.

      As for your last, no! Respect has to be *earned*, by every individual, whether male or female – no one just gets it bestowed and no one should (and certainly not on the basis of their sex!?) – and your post in toto just shows how utterly unworthy of it *you* are.

      • Scott B

        Firstly, do I want to enslave women and put them in camps? No, I was merely implying the strength of men, when combined with other men, for a common goal, is an unstoppable force. Were my comments insensitive, yes. Secondly MGTOW is not about hating women, though there is a lot of hate and misogyny, running through its veins. It is about: not getting married, leading with your values, treating everyone as equals, removing chivalry from society, and not protecting or pedestaling women. The most vocal members of MGTOW ,on the internet, have painted the picture you speak of. I choose to utilize the good aspects of its message and understand that there is a lot of pain included in its ranks. That I cannot change. Realize, men are taught from an early age to be something that is not possible. We are taught to work hard, make money, marry a woman, have children, and this completes you as a man. We were fed a lie!. We are also taught to seek female approval. “Happy wife, happy life.” Bullshit like that. This leads to the degradation of the male psyche. So let me be the first MGTOW for apologizing for my insensitive comments. The truth is that MGTOWs are angry because they want that life that they were promised. A great wife that loves and respects them. And I think women want what was promised to them. Women were told you can have a career and family, have it all. Now they can choose their path and redefine what it is to be a woman, break the chains of homemaker, mother/wife. Can they succeed? Sure, but its a tough to do it on your own. Men are also redefining ourselves. We are rejecting the roles that were placed on us, provider, protector, husband. We are deciding not to get married and to make our happiness a priority. Anyway, thanks for responding, I understand your views on MGTOW and I apologize about my putting women in camps comment.

        • RDF

          Yes Scott, I know men (and women IMO) are taught idiotic and ridiculous ideas – I would say very harmful ideas – especially since the rise of ‘feminism’, which is why I clearly differentiate equal rights from same, and why I am no feminist.

          By the way, I reject the very notion that being a wife, mother, homemaker and supporter of one’s beloved is a thing of bondage ~ most women want exactly that — always have, always will ~ because for most of us, it’s natural (strangely enough!).

          So-called ‘Feminism’, devised mostly by misandrist lesbians, for misandrist lesbians, tried to sell everyone a very big, very foul lie — believe me I get it, and I’ve never bought into it.

          I agree with equal rights — that’s all, for I recognised from a young age that 99% of feminist dogma was positively sick! And the rest is simply wrong. And I’ve seen no improvement in the ideology in the last 25+ years — quite the contrary. I proudly call myself an equal rights activist, and yeah, it absolutely includes men’s right. I’ve been active in same since before the term was coined, and the men and boys in my life are why.

          I don’t like MGTOW for the same reasons I don’t like feminism, but I certainly understand it, and of it’s saner aspects, I’m thrilled to see it. At long last! … as one would hope any father’s daughter, man’s wife, friend or sister, or son’s mother would be. 😉

      • Walter Lawrence

        All I want from women is their absence from my life. Nothing more…nothing less.

        • RDF

          Okay … and I’m sure you’ll achieve it if you really want it.

          Good luck in that endeavour.

          • ra232

            Why are you so worried about Walter? He said he doesn’t want women in his life so are you women so worried about one man rejecting womankind or that millions will follow him

        • Guy

          All i want from women is to realise that we are meant to compliment each other, and not to be hypergamous and to be respectful of men.
          that wont happen for a while… the best punishment for woman is to leave them alone. So thats what we should do.
          I mean we shouldnt retaliate because it would imply that theyre a worthy and theyre not worthy to engage us in battle.
          Leave them to themselves

      • Guy

        Utter nonsense again from a feminist. Yes we built everything together. But women overated themselves and want complete control. We wont let you have it. Female intelligence? Go convince a feminist of that after youve looked at the histroy of inventors.
        We are only lagging behind now because of feminis3d everything and quotas

        • RDF

          Thanks for the reply Guy … but I’m not a feminist — no matter what you believe (I take that rather as a man would being falsely called a rapist); and I am very well aware of who invented, built, created, designed and protected practically everything (just part of why I’m not a feminist) … but that doesn’t negate what I said ~ that men had women’s support while they built the civilisation that – I suspect – we both love too much to ever give-in to the insanity of feminism.

          • Guy

            Agreed, as a man i would find it pointless to progress (like now) infinitely without having a partner at my side. WE should try to compliment and not compete with each other.

    • Guy

      We dont need force, theyll cave. No association with women. we get nothing in return.
      We should have no gneder biased laws for anything

  • Sindy Valentine

    Feminism has done nothing but destroy and confuse the lives of many! As a woman, I myself am Anti-Feminist, it’s gone way too far. The feminazis make up crap as they go along and make things unequal and above men. They go above being treated as a human, they are not empowering any woman or helping us! Of course women shouldn’t be abused and raped, but their cause is making it a lost cause really because they want it both ways it seems! They really need to learn the core differences of men and women, forgive their dark pasts, stop blaming all men and focus on real help for women if they truly want to help. I myself believe in as I call it the natural order of things (the “said” old fashioned stuff.) There’s so many good many out there that want it back like it use to be and men who are trying that get crapped on. Men who deserve to have so much appreciation and heck their slippers, a beer at the end of the day handed to them daily and some personal satisfaction! 😉 All of you good ole boys and family men I totally respect all that you do!

    • ABCXYZ

      Sindy, the core mission of feminism was never about rape; that only camouflaged the real thrust that is making one’s own money via Careers. Trouble is, once a baby is born…babies have no say whether they wish to be breast fed then nurtured. So then, both baby and father come second and third. We wonder why then so many men of all ages, though yes sexually aroused, will now never commit. The risks, in every which way win by a landslide. I’ve seen this so many times out there that it is the most depressing experience ever. So it’d no wonder why I personally, watch sports yet listen to oldies’ music when female artists didn’t hit the stage in lingerie, and all the love songs men wrote. Go figure. Our western cultures are in severely deep trouble. I have a teenage son whom behind his back, sometimes at night I weep alone for him.

    • Guy

      Well, feminism needs a permenant lesson. Three generations of ignoring women should gurantee success for future generations

      We can live with them as our partners or not at all if they cant behave

  • David AuCoin

    There is some evidence from the most ancient archeological digs that the first civilizations were matriarchal societies and due to the lack of weapons and fortifications found at the sites seem to suggest that they were peaceful and prosperous societies.

    this has led many people both female and males to suggest that we need to return to women rule. An Argument for such people advocating matriarchal societies goes something like this. Under Patriarchal societies wars have dominated the stage of human history and poverty has become the lot of far too many people. Males have thus far demonstrated either an inability to do away with wars and end poverty or an unwillingness to do so. In either case lets put women back in charge the argument goes.

    thus it is tempting to say what the world needs is not for a new world order but a restoration of the old world order. But there is a fly in the ointment for their argument which is why if they were so good were they overthrown obviously by men who were not happy living under women rule.

    Perhaps we should recognize that the world has been rulled by both matriarchies and patriarchies and neither has proven to be satisfactory.
    therefor why go back to that which didn’t work or stay with that which is not now working? Both matriarchies and patriarchies have been weighed in the scales of justice and both found wanting.

    So lets try something new. Lets recognize that men are strong were women are weak and women are strong where men are weak. Perhaps designed by whatever it was that created us so that we would need each other. Lets create a society where men and women share equally in the leadership of society so that the strengths of the male will compensate for the weaknesses of the female and the strengths of the female will compensate for the weaknesses of the males.Thus neither a matriarchy nor patriarchy be.

    This can easily be accomplished by simply passing a law decreeing that leadership at all levels should strive for 50% female leaders and 50% male leaders. Of course it will be impossible to always make it come out that we have a 50 50 split. what will most likely happen if such a law was passed is that sometimes there will be slightly more males in leadership and sometimes there will be slightly more females but the imbalance shouldn’t be so great as to be detrimental to either gender.I would call such a society a hybrid parity society. since we have tried both matriarchal and patriarchal societies and neither being satisfactory why not give Hybrid parity a try?

    • RDF

      Well I think Evolution had a good deal more to do with it that any imaginary designer, but I otherwise agree.

      So did the ancients — it’s exactly what symbols like yin & yang, and biblical allegories like the Flood & the Wasteland, mean. Put simply, when men dominate, there’s the endless Wasteland of a never-setting sun; when women dominate, the never-ending Flood of female emotions … but when balanced, within and without, we have the Garden of Eden ~ a paradise for all.

      • ra232

        How do you propose we make this balanced utopia? Not by some paper from a university based on nothing but dogma. Your mistake is that you already decided what the fix is without any real live research or proof.

    • Guy

      Utter nonsense. All great civilizations were patriarchys.all civilizations that fell were civilizations that bowed to women.
      Dont delude yourself. Has female quatas already reached archaeology?

    • ra232

      You cannot decree how a society must be. Stalin and Mao tried it and failed. Societies have a natural order and no social engineering will change it. All the writings and Ph.D. thesis won’t make a difference. Violate the natural order and your society will breakdown. We see it in most of the west with Sweden being the worst with USA right behind it.

  • John

    No – men do not have to fight feminism. Why should we bother? All we have to do is walk away. Which millions of men are doing. Ladies: For once will you take some responsibility for your actions? You’ve ruined your lives with feminism, and we’re not going to help you fix it. You don’t need men, remember? Fix it yourselves. Or don’t. We don’t care anymore.

    • Walter Lawrence

      For myself, this is exactly what I did 11 years ago, at the termination of an atrocious marriage to a serial cheater. Life is so much better without the stress of trying to adhere to or live up to the expectations of women. Now, I do not have to care what they think.

      • ABCXYZ

        Well summarized Walter

      • Guy

        Also, we make the big mistake of classifying ourelves as alpha or beta which is a definition in terms of what women get from us. Its wrong and it should stop. We are all men and we need to collectively show women this.

        We got the hard work, and respect for dying for them. They got protection and wealth and the ability to f**k other men while we were out toiling in return for being faithful. It was a deal that always benefitted women. Yet now they want even more. Let us leave them and then see how they do alone and with the state as their husband

        • ra232

          Trying to please women is never going to work. They will find something else to complain about. Men are much better off not trying. In my life whenever I tried to be nice to a woman whether romantic; friend or even as colleague it turned into a one way me give she take misery. You can spend years pleasing them and they are still the victim. My happiest days are when I avoid women.

    • RDF

      John, if you’re a human-being who cares about human society, THAT is why you should bother!

      Not for feminists – to hell with them! – but for yourself. For your sons and daughters, for your brothers and sisters, for your work-mates and neighbours, and for people you’ve never met.

      If that doesn’t motivate you, perhaps the latest effort of American feminists will — were you aware they want to remove the presumption of innocence from US Law?! They even call the concept “Believe The Woman”, despite EVIDENCE to the contrary.

      According to any sane person’s way of thinking, that is not okay — and I’m pretty sure we can all think of at least one case where it’s already been applied in functional reality, if not in statute … yet.

      One would hope such a notion doesn’t have to bite one personally on the arse for one to act!

      All you have to do is walk away, huh? I hope you remember that when you, your best mate, son, brother, nephew, grandson or whomever of your loved ones gets accused, convicted, charged and imprisoned for rape or domestic-violence that never even happened, just because some dishonourable bitch said it did and ‘feminist law’ simply took her side by default.

      And, no — *this* lady will not take any responsibility for feminism whatsoever ~ because I had nothing to do with it! Neither its creation, nor dissemination. In one way or another, I’ve tried to fight it my entire adult life. I chose NOT to walk away. Many others have done the same, and our lack of success is a testament only to having cried alone in the wilderness, while most walked away; or tried to silence us at worst, and just weren’t paying sufficient attention at best.

      It really doesn’t happen too often in life, but there are still some things on which inaction IS choosing and supporting the wrong side.

      • Guy

        John, women need and sometimes also crave to be pit in their place. Not assosciating with them and leaving them to fuck up will be a good example for future generations to understand why patriarchy and respect for the stronger sex is essential.

        Those who can should use surrogacy for male children in the interim until we can get children by fully artificial means

        • Tyler Doe

          Guy, women DON’T WANT what they need and crave. You just don’t get it. Why would a guy ruin his life for this? Just to TRY and enforce your moral code? Get real. It’s over.

  • RDF

    Having read all the comments, I wanted to point-out something that I thought was obvious, but perhaps it’s not…

    Gents, some women have ALWAYS stood against feminism — from the outset. I was in university when feminism was born as a very different animal in women’s equal rights, and I saw it for what it was ~ positively sick! And sickening.

    Most of the women I knew at the time thought exactly as I did — we were absolutely for equal rights, but that’s all; and we recognised Dworkin, MacKinnon, Koedt and their ilk for exactly what they are ~ deranged female-supremacists with deeply disturbed, frankly psychotic ideas, and not equal-rights activists of any kind. Over the last 25 years I have watched their dogma become ever more enshrined and done my utmost to work against it. My opinion has only worsened with time, as feminism has worsened.

    I don’t mind admitting, I have no real female friends because of my stance on feminism — I don’t accept feminist dogma and I never will; and I don’t like what most women have become because of it, which in short, is selfish, abusive, ignorant, histrionic and infantile, throwing a seemingly never-ending tantrum at mostly imagined slights — in other words, nothing I’d want as a friend.

    For the sake of our shared societies and their futures, men DO need to stand against feminism, everywhere they see it … as some women have been for a long time.

    As Burke said, to paraphrase, in order for evil to prosper all that’s required is for good men to do nothing … yeah! And I’d say that’s every bit as true today as when first said.

    • Guy

      No they havent, thats just their plan B to ensure they can still utilise us if all this explodes. What we need is to show women we dont need them…. they need to learn a lesson for all the nonsense theyve caused. Pay gap? Include men that work in refuse and plumbing and conscription then look at average salaries and youll see its bullshit.

    • Tyler Doe

      A good man is not a sucker. Women will have to learn their lesson on this one.

  • George Derouen

    Great article on the truth of our pitiful situation. Who would think that the socialists would be so successful at dividing people and harming or even
    ruining so many people’s lives?

  • Richard Gutie

    While I agree with your sentiment, I do think there 2 things deeply wrong with this article:
    1) It criticizes feminism. Why spend time on that? Why not simply criticize sexism? Because that is what you’re after anyway isn’t it?
    2) It supports the feminist narrative that this is a battle between men and women, by generalizing about women. I would suggest that instead this is a battle between upstanding men and women against a sexist ideology.

    • Matthew Bowerman

      Feminism is the pursuit of women’s rights. If women were pursuing equal rights they would be egalitarian’s by definition, so he was on point. Feminism is the problem, because it politicizes gender past equal rights.

    • IQ.164

      You Idiot

  • RDF

    Indeed Scott. For the sake of all the good men out there I just wish good women weren’t so rare. I don’t understand how my fellow women have become as they are. I know it’s a result of feminism, but … I dunno … where’s their soul?! Their integrity and intelligence; their simple human decency?! And, I’ll say it, where is their feminine heart? Anyway, we could be stuck there for the next ten years!

    And as for the latter, I totally agree — I’ve changed my mind on MGTOW, now that I’ve learned more; and I could not blame any man for choosing it — not with laws as they are. Every man should. I hope my beloved nephews do; and my husband and I have ‘redrafted’ our agreements — all I know is that my promise is sealed with everything I am. Should we have a son someday (not likely, we’re not young), I hope he does too; we intend to teach our children, if we have them, all we can, and they *will* be raised MRA, at minimum.

    Anyway, thanks for talking the time to reply, and have a great day,

    And vive la Red Pill!

  • Ignacio De Torres

    From Helen of Troy to Dalila, from the Love Courts of Aquitania, from the Sufraguettes to the sixties rebels, how many times are we going to accept any re-covenant out of “utility” for women? Again and again we will be treasoned by this complete amoral creatures and the centuries shall pass..”Oh darling, this time ( being the 1.456.000.0000th time!) I have learned the lesson, I´ll be good for the next season, forget about all the corpses and bloodshed and poison, now I see I am happier being a good woman”.

    NO.NO.NO.NO. And again NO. They are absolute traitors to us and to anything since the beginning of time. They spite on loyalty and only care about their benefit. They massacre our “human race” by millions in their wombs and call that their sacred right to assasination. If this is the so called “end of human race”, be it. Better dead than forever in the hell of being ALWAYS treasoned, murdered, poisoned, exploited and so on by this absolute monsters. Who know they are and they do not care a bit about it.
    END GAME. No covenant any more. Strict and exact punishment first, and goodbye forever after.

  • IQ.164

    This short video explains all…. Google it…….Women Nations and Civilisations

  • IQ.164

    Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.