Can you support equality and not be a feminist?

This comment was posted recently on Reddit and evoked an interesting discussion. Here’s what I said as part of that.

It all depends on what you mean by equality. If you mean equality of opportunity: that every person has an inalienable right to be treated the same as any other and not be inhibited in their aspiration to achieve their highest potential, then I believe no right-minded person would, or could, disagree.

If, however, you mean equality as having the same number of women on corporate boards as men, or in the workplace, such as equal numbers of women as men as engineers for example, then that sort of equality makes you a feminist.

You are espousing a political cause that is intent on placing women in a position they would not otherwise be.

The reason why fewer women become company directors, or engineers, is to do with their preferences because they are women, and their work-life balance decisions, say when they want to have children and don’t want a full-time, high-powered career, but feminism declares this to be a ‘problem’, blames men for having brought it about, and claims ‘equality’.

Then, if you mean equality as women being entitled to the privileges they do not deserve in their own right, but only because they are human beings who happen to have been born with a vagina; if you believe that women are entitled to equality of the sort that takes away men’s rights to their equality of opportunity, then that makes you at least a supporter of feminism, however unintentionally.

For those reasons, I really question the proposition that you can pick out bits of feminism and not others. To accept any of these things, other than the first definition, makes you at least a feminist sympathiser, possibly a fellow-traveller, and by virtue of that, a supporter of a socially divisive ideology, whose intent is far from the liberal Enlightenment aims of true equality of opportunity.


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  • Lee Robert

    The big issue that throws all equality debates into the void is HOMOPHOBIA. Despite new equality laws and Acts, homosexuals, especially homosexual men do not even get a look in when it comes to real equality. I should know, myself and my partner are its victims, and when it comes to women wanting to kill us both or manipulate police to hopefully kill us in a violent armed unit response, there you have it, women have the equality they so desire and are supported in their misandry by the authorities who do nothing about it !

    • Herbert Purdy

      As I’ve said, the entire feminist movement is an angry creed. It will let nothing stop it in its blind rampage, and although some homosexual men seem to identify with it, feminism will turn on them if they don’t suit its purpose. We’re all men, irrespective of our sexual leanings, after all. Thanks for taking the time to post here. I appreciate it.