Even the Tories are Marxist feminists – Astonishing!

In this last few weeks, we have seen two political developments in Britain about the issue of violence against women and girls, and the intimately associated issue of domestic violence/abuse (DVA) in the home, which, of course, in the public’s mind really means much the same thing. After all, across Britain men are routinely raping women on campus, sexually abusing girls by taking advantage of their powerful positions,  and then going home to beat up their wives and partners – according to the feminist narrative, that is.

The first development was from an entirely expected source. Yvette Cooper, Labour shadow Home Secretary and rabid feminist, hinted very strongly in a radio interview on the 28th of July, that Labour would introduce a Violence Against Women and Girls Act (VAWA) should she and her cronies in Labour (really the feminism party), such as Harriet Harman, be elected in May 2015.

No doubt such an Act would encompass DVA, and serve two of Labour’s principal aims: driving the state’s searching interference ever further into the family and people’s private lives, and their relentless feminist agenda, which amounts to a war on men, and especially fathers.

However, only this last week, Theresa May our actual Home Secretary (once a Tory but no longer it seems) announced she is playing the same feminist game.

May, a Tory party leader in waiting and, therefore, potential prime ministerial candidate, announced ‘a consultation’ over the possibility of introducing legislation to make DVA a criminal offence. (A consultation? Is anybody in any doubt that this is going to happen post 2015, should the Tories get elected? This is just a softening up process.)

It is truly astonishing that the party of the right in British politics should be proposing to act according to the precepts of this deeply left-wing ideology that is tearing down families and destroying marriage and committed relationships. Are they pandering to the feminist vote in order to get elected? Or have they finally surrendered their deepest principles to the relentless feminist narrative that is now the overarching culture of our society. I suspect the latter.

If the Tories stand for anything, they stand for marriage, the family, appropriate upbringing of children in stable homes, the least interference by the state in the individual’s life, and, above all, freedom. They are after all Conservatives, aren’t they? This is the party that enshrined the private ownership of property under Margaret Thatcher, who sold off state-owned houses to their tenants, isn’t it?

Theresa May is proposing to enact interfering, family-dividing legislation, slavishly following the feminist party line. She is applying feminist ideology above Tory ideology, and is a declared feminist. So is David Cameron. Even William Hague, ‘the best prime minister we never had’ (he is leaving parliament at the next election), sadly and inexplicably declared himself actually espousing the Marxist ideology of feminism. Astonishing!

So it looks as though Britain is set for another wave of crazy, left-wing feminist interference in people’s lives, one way or the other. More control, more interference, more legislation designed to catch men out: more minefields in which men  can be caught – even in their own homes.  Be in no doubt this is the driving agenda of this feminist-inspired thinking.

Can we even contemplate the implications of all this?

A man would only have to raise his voice, let alone his fist, and he will get locked up and tried for domestic abuse. He would just need to put his foot down in his own home and refuse to allow his hard-earned income to be spent on frivolities by his wife, and he will be accused of depriving her of money. This scenario might be hard to believe for ordinary, sensible people, but these things are now defined as domestic abuse in the official statistical surveys.  All will become criminal offences under coming legislation, be in no doubt about it.

Men and women inevitably have difficulties living intimately with one another, and sometimes it all boils over. (It has to be said this has become an acute problem since the advent of feminism, as witness the stupendous outbreak of divorce in the last 50 years, overwhelmingly initiated by women – the ratio is three to one.) Spouses, partners of both sexes (and other family members, including children it has to be said), push and shove one another, they throw plates at one another, they technically assault each other in anger and frustration. Women have been known to slap their partners faces, men have been known to grab their wives by the wrists to restrain them in a moment of heated exchange. Teenagers push their parents aside, slam doors, scream and rant when they don’t get their way. All this would come under the heading of domestic abuse (because it already does).

Nobody is going to defend or condone this sort of behaviour, however it is normal in some family situations (and I use the term normal only in its strictest meaning – as in, it happens). Maybe it happens to almost every family at one time or another. If it results in serious injury, or serious abuse of a parter or spouse (and that happens too, of course it does, men do get violent in the home – and so do women, in broadly equal numbers if the truth be known above the over-dominant feminist rhetoric that water boards us every day), then the law as it already stands is there to deal with it.

Domestic violence is, and always has been, a fact of married life, even in civilised societies. By and large, society has always taken the view that what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors, because ordinary people know that violence and abuse in the home is often tit-for-tat. Now, it seems, the state is going to be in there, mixing it with the family. They are going to be arresting people for what goes on behind closed doors. And guess who is going to be arrested? The man, of course.

Under Labour, the Englishman’s home as his castle has always been something to be attacked because of its Marxist underpinning ideology, which is diametrically opposed to the nuclear family and its ‘castles’ (aka ‘bourgeois’ private property) that are its bastion against the sort of state interference in people’s lives, which is the very nature of socialism.

Now, it seems the Tories have adopted the same political stance. Why? Because feminism is now as much their driving political ideology as it is Labour’s.

Such is the degree of moral panic that has been whipped up by feminist groups about VAWG, people now truly believe that serious domestic violence/abuse (which really means men beating up their wives in the public perception) is endemic in our culture and, therefore, now must be a matter of political interference. So, we get more creeping intervention by the state into the home.The slightest upset and the state will be able to open the front door and charge in.

And all because we listen to the inflammatory rhetoric of the women’s groups (as, it seems, even our right-wing politicians have). Using the time-honoured technique of building a victim narrative, these strident women, who leverage inordinate sums of state funding to propagate their one-sided rhetoric, have succeeded in creating an unhealthy fixation on women as being the perpetual victims of violent men, and portraying men in general as systematic abusers in the home, which they are not.

The incessant propaganda that spews from this feminist industry, these factories of feminism, leads people to believe that the home is a seriously dangerous place for women and girls. This is the default view. So we need laws to stop it. Right?

And who will benefit from this? The small cadre of feminists, with their socialist-communist agenda underpinned by Marxism and its communal, collectivist thinking (remember the feminist ‘sisterhood’ which has unmistakeable echoes of this idea) that wants to destroy the family by decapitating the father as its head. And, of course, the legions of women, most of whom couldn’t hold down a proper job to save their lives, who populate these institutions.

In the name of defence of the ‘helpless victim’ (i.e. women), toxic feminist thinking, from both the left and the right of politics, is turning the home into yet another political battleground. And why? So the state can enter the home and provide even more reasons for throwing men out of it, thereby breaking down the institution of marriage and the family even more, which is an openly declared aim of feminism.

Inasmuch as domestic violence is a problem, and my argument is that it is being blown up out of all proportion, men – civilised men – who are generally no more wife or children abusers than women are husband and children abusers, are being grouped together in this narrative and labelled as ‘perpetrators’ of ‘abuse’ who need to be locked up. Such an idea is neither true, nor is it just.

What is really happening is that men are being even further victimised in the relentlessly gynocentric culture which we now endure. Under the influence of feminist thinking, and the activity of feminist activists who are disproportionately influential in our society, a vindictive and rigid zero-tolerance culture is being brought to bear on men who are just ordinary husbands, partners and fathers.

Some bad men (maybe some bad women, although I doubt it) will be dealt with under this regime. But so too will good men. Decent men, who lapse, perhaps under extreme provocation, or even just because they are weak and human, are going to be dragged handcuffed from their homes (probably never to be able to return) and prosecuted publicly in their thousands.

They will be made the unjust targets of this foul ideology, this angry creed; even in their own homes. Thus the family will be even more undermined, which, of course, is what feminism wants. That is what a VAWA or domestic violence legislation will achieve. It will be another feminist charter.


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  • What people really need to understand is that the Left, the feminists and government workers have a HUGE vested interest in breaking apart and sullying people’s close relationships. Doing so is, literally, worth billions of dollars, millions of votes, and an enomous number of jobs, pensions and empires; and, of course, power.

    Feminist polices are, effectively, one of the main mechanisms of an ongoing power-grab by government …


    • Herbert Purdy

      Hi Harry. I almost feel as though I know you from listening to your voice on your podcasts. Thanks for this. I agree. I think, for me, it is the grabbing of power that is the most concern. It seems to me the default position for governments down history, which is why we need democracy and, above all, free speech to counteract it. That, of course is what feminist PC is taking from us – reinforced, of course, with the shrieking attacks brought to bear on anyone who questions what is going on. Thanks for taking the time to comment here. I appreciate it.

  • Spinnerpete.

    Great article, Been saying similar stuff for years, Brilliant to hear these views put so eloquently.

    • Herbert Purdy

      Corr! I’ve reached the age where I can take all the compliments I can get a hold of. Thanks. I really appreciate the support.

  • Dave6034

    Before my trial for domestic violence begins, I’d like to say a prayer:

    O Mighty Allah, who created the world and sent us the wise Prophet Mohammed, please watch over this trial and make sure that judge Sandra Birkenstock-Patchouli, who lives at 341 Southgate Road in Binghamshire, makes the correct decision in this case. Takbir!

    To which 100 bearded Labour voters in the audience reply with an ear-splitting “Allahu Akbar!”

    • Herbert Purdy

      Ha ha. Made me smile wryly. Thanks for the contribution to the debate.

  • Slowcoach

    And of course, another result of all this will be that blogs and websites telling the truth, such as this, will not be allowed. The power of the law will be brought to bear as always. Much of what Hitler’s National Socialists did was entirely legal because they made the laws – the law has much power, it would be silly not to use it. Dissent will be banned by being redefined as, oh, what, hate speech? Inciting violence? Terrorism? It does’t really matter, anything like that will do. But in any event we have seen the weapon of corrupting the meaning of words used already as in ‘rape’, or ‘domestic violence’.
    All this is coming, though it may be difficult to believe at the moment because most of our lives are still relatively comfortable, and we will turn a blind eye and hang on to that comfort as long as we can – human nature.
    I’m tempted to invite guesses as to when the people’s noses have been rubbed in it so much that denial is no longer possible. What does anyone else guesstimate? Ten years, fifteen, twenty? More, less? If anyone has any ideas on this please say.
    In the meantime, read this while you may.

    • Herbert Purdy

      Thanks for this. I agree. I’ve had many conversations recently about the rather frightening parallels with Nazi Germany. It wasn’t until too late that people realised how much their freedoms to speak were being taken from them.

  • Martin

    Feminism is a Marxist tool and has been pushed and sponsored by the rich capitalist elite is it ? Yeah right. But the capitalists fought many wars and spent billions fighting Marxism didn’t they.
    Didn’t it cross your mind that feminism IS a tool of capitalism, to control male workers? Obvious to me.
    Apart from this I find most articles here so good