Fully committed to families. Are you kidding me?

This month, the Centre for Social Justice published a report entitled ‘Fully Committed: How a government could reverse family breakdown‘. It’s a step in the right direction, but it’s long on description and short on analysis, I’m afraid.

The call for a minister for the family is interesting. It stands in stark contrast to the continued existence of a minister for women (and still NO minister for men) but, again, the direction of travel is the most important thing, and I applaud it at least for that.

When oh when, are people going to wake up to the reality that it is women who have destroyed the family? Women who have been sold the pup of feminism and espouse it with such vicious defence? Women who are destroying their marriages in the ratio of three-to-one to men.

I keep repeating the quotation, and I have no compunction in doing so again, Germaine Greer said,

‘Women’s liberation, if it abolishes the patriarchal family, will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state, and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy-nilly, so let’s get on with it.’

(Female Eunuch. 1970).

I mean, what bit of this do we not understand? They have been getting on with destroying the father-led family for forty years (patriarchy is the rule of the father, not men as most people wrongly interpret it) – and the authors of this report are wringing their hands about the result, when it is all far too late.

The Labour Party (which is ‘The Feminist Party’) has progressively undermined the family, the economic value of being married, children, and particularly fathers for all that time, and the Tories have collaborated with it by not even repealing the damage done by Labour extremists like Harman when they had the chance.

Indeed Cameron even saw through her Equality Act when he came to power. Now Yvette Cooper is talking about a Violence Against Women Act should Labour get its dirty, family destroying hands on the levers of power in 2015.

This is another planned, ideologically driven, attack on men, especially in the domestic environment. It will make marriage and even co-habitation even more dangerous for men, whilst, no doubt, smoothing the way for women to make complaints and initiate prosecutions against the fathers of their children, even though it is widely know that women are just as much perpetrators of intimate partner violence as men.

Under the combined efforts of successive governments of both political hues, marriage has finally been finished off as an institution and, therefore, the stable building block of society. After decades of changes based on Harman’s idea that there is, ‘no ideal type of household in which to bring up children’, marriage and co-habitation with women is now so toxic and dangerous to men that any man would be insane to even contemplate taking on its no-win responsibilities.

And only now is the tide turning? Perhaps. I hope so. However, the tsunami of feminism has swept in and wreaked enormous damage. It may be starting to recede but look at the devastation it has left. Only now are people waking up to the utter devastation that has been inflicted on our lives and on our society.

Those of us who can see and smell the foul stench of divisive feminism, and the untold damage and heartache it has caused – to men, their children (and, yes, to women too, if they did but know it. These are their husbands, sons, fathers, brothers too) have seen with clear eyes. Yet the overwhelming majority of women continue to embrace this false creed, and their own downfall, by relentlessly seeking ‘equality’ – whatever that means in whatever is the latest twisted incarnation of that word these days.

We can only shake our heads in bewilderment that this intentionally divisive, Marxist ideology has had such a grip on us all for so long.

One day,maybe it will all become clear to people that feminism is a society-destroyer. One day there will be much moaning and shame on the part of those who have espoused it with such alacrity. One day feminism will become a pejorative term, and those who continue to promulgate its foul creed will be hounded by right-minded people, who are up in arms about what it has done.

And then what? Where will we go from there, I wonder?

How will we repair the damage of a quarter of children in family breakdown losing all contact with their fathers? How will men ever be brought back into the necessary legal framework that marriage must be if it is to provide social stability?

When will women re-covenant to marriage as a life-long commitment, not just a romantic theatrical event costing thousands of pounds to stage on the day, and send that vital signal to men that they are truly committed for life? Through thick and thin; for better for worse etc. Does anyone remember those powerful covenant words today?

The day we get rid of the political and dangerous ideology of feminism. That will be the day. But only then will the real work of tidying up and reconstruction begin.

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