The formation of a feminist party

This is a quote from the beginning of an article in The Guardian by Suzanne Moore on 9th July 2014 calling for the formation of a feminist party in the United Kingdom

‘”What did you do in the war, Mummy? The great feminist war? I stood there on the shore and let the waves crash over me one after another, watching them build, feeling them pull me close. Waiting for the break.’

The formation of a feminist party would be a good thing IMHO.

For one thing, it would bring the whole shebang out into the open where it could be engaged, policy-by-policy: its statistics put under forensic scrutiny, and its society-splitting agenda exposed for what it really is.

For another, it would split the womens’ vote of the main parties and weaken them at the ballot box. That would concentrate the minds of their leaders and followers and precipitate the search for support from men and from balanced women who are also suffering from feminism (their sons being disadvantaged in education, having their male natures pathologised by rabid feminists in schools, being put at severe risk of rape allegations at university; their brothers deprived of their kids, and their homes, by the courts, and so on).

The formation of a feminist political party would free up the political agenda and remove the slavish kowtowing of the parties to the women’s vote allowing them to adopt policies based on common sense and the good of all, rather than this overly powerful women’s movement, and drive political policy in a new direction. It would also split the Labour Party’s vote and cause it to realise the entryist nature of feminism and what Tony Blair and his feminists ‘Babes’ (plus Her Indoors of course!) did to it.

Bring it on is what I say. I look forward to the day when democracy can get its teeth into this vile, behind-the-scenes ideology and expose it for what it really is – a Marxist infiltration into the entire political system whose intent is to destroy men’s power in society, especially fatherhood (which is the real meaning of patriarchy), marriage as the basic building block of democratic, capitalist society, and place an elite of highly ideologically motivated, highly dangerous women in the seats of power in our land (both politically and in wider society, such as business), from where they can conform us all to a new social order, based on their own twisted ideas of ‘equality’ – which really means superiority of women .

Just look at Yvette Cooper’s latest pronouncement for proof of that. She is inviting the creation of a system in which boys are indoctrinated into an ideology whose sole intent is men’s subjugation. Now that really is evil. What Karen Woodhall said was right on the nail. Here is a woman speaking the truth with guts and precision. Thank God!:

‘Women like you have created a world in which educating boys to be ashamed of their masculinity is seen as desirable instead of cruel and about equality instead of what it is, an oppressive, discriminatory reality. As parents and grandparents, practitioners and ordinary people, we will hold you to account for your crimes against our children and our grandchildren. I hope I stay alive long enough to see the day.’

Well, amen to that. I do too. I would dance for joy to see a series of trials of these child-abusers, caught in the same web of hysteria they are currently creating; where a man no longer dare touch a child in love, tenderness, compassion, and fatherly care.

So, bring it on. Let the likes of Cooper and Harman and their fellow travellers encourage the formation of a Feminist Party, and support it – perhaps even head it? Then we will get feminism out onto a battlefield where it can be engaged and finally defeated.


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  • Rob

    Hi Just discovered your blog( thanks to mike). You need to promote this more perhaps

    I read this very same article inthe guardian.
    I commented that I agreed with them, and that they should mae harriet harman the leader to lead this fine party.

    …. so that the rest of us could ignore them and get on with the real politics of life…..

    didn’t last long 🙁

    thanks for pointing this rotten article out.

    • Herbert Purdy

      Hi Rob. Welcome! I’m on the case about promotion. Good comment. It made me laugh. Now wouldn’t that be the day when we could ignore the feminists? I’d be buying the drinks.