William Hague ‘Outed’

I have to say I have always had a soft spot for William Hague. He was the super-confident superbrat of the Tories who stood on his feet at the Tory Party Conference at a very tender age and announced he was going to be the future.

However, his antics this week, fawning around Angelina Jolie made him look at times as airheaded as she is, and at others just wandering around like a puppy with its tongue hanging out.

The Tories are playing the ‘chase the feminist’ vote game for all they are worth in advance of 2015. They are latching on to feminist role models to suck up to women (or drooling in the case of WH) to get Labour’s women’s vote, and I had no small pity for Hague, sensing his heart wasn’t wholly in the deal.

Then, when I heard the note of triumph in Jenni Murray’s voice when she got him to say he had ‘come out’ as a feminist on Woman Sour, I wanted to be sick. For a man like him, a magnificent author to be turned into a women’s poodle, no doubt under Cameron’s direction, is a tragedy. What an fool.

And as to stopping rape in war? I mean what planet are they on? An outrageously expensive week-long conference, with a simpering bimbo from Hollywood talking unrealistic twaddle about something that is, and always has been, part of the horror of war (2 million women were raped in Berlin when the Russians entered it in 1945), is just about the measure of where we have all got to in the West. Men like Hague are up their own fundamental orifices and women like Jolie are up – well, the other.

This is all about the men-as-violent-rapists narrative isn’t it? That is the underlying theme. Maybe these vacuous people will one day come to realise that it is only men who will stop this foul aspect of war? Not women. It is only men, men who will defend their countries – and their women and girls – from the foreign invader who will stop their women being raped by an invading army.

And if you undermine men and rob them of their dignity and will to fight for their country by systematically discriminating against them in work, the family, the courts, no amount of conference communiques or international accords, or even laws (‘cos laws don’t apply in war, see?) are going to stop the unstoppable when a blood lusted army crosses your borders.

Of course, women will one day presumably be a significant part of our armed forces – as they were in the resistance groups of France in the Second World War, and as they often are in national struggles in the less-developed world today. Take the Tamils for example. Presumably they belief is that rape and pillage will stop then? Maybe only in la-la land.


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  • Sir Henry Morgan

    The discussion on rape in war usually overlooks that men also get raped (or otherwise sexually assaulted) in war, and the men are a whole lot less likely to be getting any assistance. There was some research done on this in Africa (think it was the Congo) which found nearly as many males as females reported having been raped by invading soldiers. Consider the fact that far more males than females were also *killed* by invading soldiers and the different between the groups likely vanishes – i.e. there will be many men raped and killed who don’t make the statistics, and anyway getting killed is arguably worse than getting raped. But the NGOs cleaning up the mess only seem to care about the female victims. Depending on country the male victims can actually go to prison for ‘homosexuality’ if the speak up. Then you have forced circumcision (aka male genital mutilation – i.e. sexual assault!) used against men and boys as a weapon of war. This was done during the Yugoslavian conflicts. It’s apparently been happening recently in areas overrun by ISIS. Yet feminists ignore it all. . . Oh, but they report a *false* story about ISIS forcing genital mutilation on females. Yes, rape in war is bad, but feminist treatment of this area has become a joke. . . This is not even mentioning that females can be perpetrators of violence in war too, including torture and sexual assault.