Book Offer

I want to thank all my readers, and show my appreciation for their support and encouragement in the almost three years of research and writing of Their Angry Creed, by providing a personalised signed copy, together with a handwritten message of your choosing on the inside cover.

The price will be the normal cover price of £16.99 (GBP), as available on Amazon and other retail outlets, but I have to charge postage as I have to deliver from my own stock. I hope you consider it worth the little extra in order to get a signed copy.

I am pleased to say that the book is selling well internationally, and should you live outside of the UK, I would be pleased to post a copy to you anywhere in the world, subject only to charging the appropriate additional postage. If you would like me to do that, just add the additional postage for your country into the Paypal or credit card payment given in the link below.

To calculate the additional postage, use this calculator, select the ‘Overseas’ tab, then your country, then the item  ‘Parcel’, and the package weight, which is 0.909 kilograms. If you want a personal dedication just type it into the ‘gift wrap’ message box, and consider it done.

Sincerely yours,

Herbert Purdy