About me

I am an author, commentator and blogger on feminism and its effect on society.

I stand implacably opposed to all that feminism stands for, on the grounds that it is the most divisive and socially corrosive ideology we have ever encountered.

Feminism is not about equality. That is a facade. Feminism cares little about women’s welfare. Beneath its specious exterior lies an elitist Marxist revolutionary movement that is intent on conforming democratic western society to its deeply held socialist-communist principles.

I am part of an emerging world-wide movement, generically called men’s human rights advocacy, and my sincere and earnest hope is that I may be able to play my part, with others, to bring this truth out into the open.

Feminism is relentlessly dismantling our social frameworks, undermining our hard-won freedoms in the name of liberation of women, and falsely usurping power in the land, and it is high time people woke up to this.