My views

Forty years after women’s liberationists first laid down their challenge to America, chanting ‘Women demand liberation now!’ and ‘Women are people too’, equality and diversity – invariably interpreted as applying predominantly to women – are common parlance.

Feminism has found favour across the entire political and social spectrum. It has become embedded, indeed hard-wired, into our social consciousness.  It is ‘politically correct’.

The woman-as-eternal-victim, heroically striving against historical disadvantage in a male-dominated society, therefore in need of special treatment to help her overcome her disadvantage, is an image universally held and no one dare question it.

Even to question so-called women’s rights and women’s equality elicits a storm of protest. Feminists in the press, parliament, and some of our key institutions, raise a shriek of allegations at detractors accusing them of sexism and being haters of women. Many eminent careers, as well as people’s lives (mostly men’s, but also women’s) have been blighted by their honest attempts to speak truth to the power in our land that feminism has now become.

It is astonishing that such a situation can exist in a free nation: one that has defended not only the right to freedom, but also the right to express that freedom through freedom of speech. As Spinoza said, ‘A man should be able to think what he likes, and say what he thinks.’ The blood of far too many of our young men has been shed for these noble aims.

Yet in Britain today, and in many other nations founded on freedom, such as America and Canada, no one dare speak out against feminism.

I dare.

I reject feminism in all its forms.

I reject the notion that feminism is about fairness and equality of opportunity for women.

My principal argument is, that despite feminists claiming as their credentials those liberal Enlightenment ideals, it is a masquerade. Beneath its specious exterior, feminism is working out a much darker agenda, based on Marxist ideology, that is anathema to everything western democracies stand for. This pernicious extremism is setting women against men and is relentlessly tearing our society apart.

I invite anyone visiting this site to evaluate, rationally, what I am saying here.

Especially, I invite feminist sympathisers and feminist fellow travellers to examine where they stand in all of this.

I suggest they are embracing an angry, divisive creed that is doing enormous harm to our society, and I invite them to apply reason over received ‘wisdom’, truth over tenet, reality over dogma, and to reject this angry creed.

  • Steve Peterson

    Don’t agree that feminism is only Marxist. Former communist/socialist countries are still much more conservative/traditional in gender relations than the capitalist USA. In fact, it is the USA that is pushing feminism on them along with gay parades, etc. I have lived in Eastern Europe and experienced this personally and directly. True enough, many respectful, decent men have been sick and tired of feminism for decades!

    • Steve Moxon

      Yes, indeed. Feminism is not Marxism but a bastardisation of it: the core of ‘identity politics’, which is the revenge by Marxists against the masses in the West for them refusing to ‘rise up’ in revolution. See my long paper on this at